The university is running in the buildings donated by Maharaja of Darbhanga, that were originally built either to run his office or for residential purposes for Maharaja himself, his family and staff. A few years following its establishment and subsequent recognition by the U.G.C. a master plan ( copy attached) was developed. Till date, only the science faculties have their own infrastructural facilities, that too, can not be said to be complete, since in some cases only a portion of the master plan were constructed due to financial reasons. Recently a separate bulding for Humanities have been completed. However, because of rational, planned and optimal utilization of our infrastructure we are able in augmenting our academic needs to a reasonable existent. The Central Library, as per the master plan, has also been partially constructed and in use with more than 1.7 lacs books, but availability of national and international journals, reprographic facilities, computers, reading room, book banks and ensured electric supply are some points that demand more attention.

In the current financial year provision of funds by the U.G.C. has ensured some infrastructural advancements. Steps have also been taken to establish a centralized computer facility centre and a training schedule for the University personnel.
The University has its own health centre with duly appointed full and part time medical personnel. However, compulsory general medical check up is not mandatory. Maintenance of individual health record and health insurance is not in practice. The facilities are readily available for all members of the University family with an emergency van ambulance.
In spite of the recurrent flood that takes away almost three precious months of the students that could have otherwise been properly utilized for development of extra curricular activities, the student have proved their worth in sports in many state and national level events. The University, within its premises, possess two grade A - playgrounds but other infrastructural facilities are also available only upto the extent that the University can manage from its own resources. The incentives given to the students, the participation and outcome at national level have already been depicted (Cr. IV). Besides, the overall champions in both boys and girls events are directly nominated as members of Senate.

Besides hostel facilities available in different constituent colleges of the University, there are four (three for boys and one for girls) hostels, with all essential amenities. However, constant electric supply is a problem, being faced regularly by he students. In recent years these hostels have been repaired and provided with some more facilities as per the need of the students.
There is a Grievance Redressal Cell and some welfare programmes for the faculty and staff. But, none of these are in regular action due to financial region. However, facility like loan etc. are provided depending upon need and availability of funds.


Regular and periodic interaction by the faculty members and officers of the University with respect to problems faced by the students are held.

University tries to sort-out problems of the students particularly with respect to problem in syllabus, better and healthier atmosphere in the hostels, providing new books in the libraries etc.

The most often complaints made by students last year, were, non-completion of full syllabus, non-holding of classes for full 180 days and lack of new books in departments and libraries. The University has issued academic calendars, sports calendars as well as bought a large number of new books on the basis of feed backs from the students last year. Arrangement for holding extra classes to cover-up the courses have also been tried out.

The college and the university often publish updated prospectus which contains specialities of different courses, provisions of games/sports/extra-curricular activities, hostel and library facilities, free studentship/ scholarship provisions, books for poor students etc.

For career counseling and feed back for preparation for competitive exams for SC/ST students, a "Minority Coaching Institute" runs in the University in which services of various faculty members are taken for benefit of S.C./S.T. students. Besides, an "Information Bureau" runs in the University to provide feed back to students. There is a an employment cell with a Govt. staff deputed but is not functioning properly.
A single window system for students for admission, seats in hostel, filling up examination forms, applying for scholarship, etc is provided. Criteria for admission, rules and regulation, facilities are recorded in the prospectus itself and provisions of courses/ regulations of exams, etc. are recorded in the Book of Courses and Studies supplied to the students at the time of admission. There is a statutory provision for 12% of the students for full free ship and financial assistance is provided to the students under merit-cum-poverty scheme. Other scholarship schemes mentioned in the criteria were funded by the state Government that has been stopped since 1992.


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